Armand Kadima


I have dedicated over a decade of my career to helping businesses launch and maintain successful operations. As an accountant with expertise in financial reporting, taxation, and business strategy, I have used my skills to advise many of Atlanta’s prominent businesses, including several Fortune 100 companies.

Shortly after attaining my accounting degree, I went on to become responsible for directing the vast financial profiles of companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Comcast. With a wealth of knowledge and experience now under my belt, I decided to shift focus to empowering startup businesses in my community. In 2007, I launched my accounting consulting and business strategy firm, which aimed to do just that.

A few years later, I lent my expertise to ThyssenKrupp North America to help launch its first IT Shared Services Division. It was there that I gained impeccable knowledge and experience on all of the financial and information technology infrastructure intricacies needed to support and sustain multi-billion-dollar organizations.

Originally from Zaire, I enjoy immersing myself in global FinTech innovations and learning how they are shaping our future.

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